Healthy Lifestyles Workshop

Today we had a special visitor in school – Mr Tatterson from Tuxford Academy’s PE department. He has been sharing with us the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices with our food choices and swapping some of our unhealthy snacks for a more healthy option.

Did you know there is more sugar in a bowl of Frosties than on a sugar donut?

A bowl of Frosties has more than 100% of a child’s recommended daily intake of sugar (RDA 16-18g per day).

I was very proud to hear some of the comments the pupils were making, demonstrating their understanding of a heathy lifestyle and the importance of a balanced diet. Here are some of the comments pupils make:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – Ethan

You need to eat your 5 a day of fruit and vegetables – Niall

You need to exercise to keep healthy too – Charlotte

The only sugar that you should try to have is from fruit – Starla

If you have too much sugar your teeth and fall out – Jenson

You need to drink lots of water – Lewis

You need energy from food too – Arthur



Our visit to Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre

Yesterday we had an exciting day at Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre. Although we ended up a little bit soggy, we really enjoyed our day and had a lot of fun.

We learned lots of new skills, including horse riding, how to handle tack correctly, how to drive a carriage and also found out the names of all of the different parts of a horse.

Today we will be writing our own diary entry about our day as we have been looking at diaries and recounts in English over the past week. We are very excited to get writing!

When you see us, ask us lots of questions about the things that we learned – we would love to share our day with you.