Art experience day

Class 1 have enjoyed our visiting artist experience today. Pupils found the opportunity to explore and discuss a wide range of famous artwork really interesting. We looked carefully at the details of each piece and completed a ‘treasure hunt’ to find a range of objects within the works.
We focussed on Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh as a starting point, thinking about shape and position within a piece of artwork. Helping us to gain perspective in our art will help us with our own Christmas projects later on this term.


Wow Wednesday Fun!

A huge thank you to parents who joined us for our Wow Wednesday yesterday. It was lovely to see such an exciting and engaging morning, with pupils taking the lead in their learning and parents supporting this.

The end result is amazing! I was really blown away with the quality of the final products. We will be exploring our instruments and making our own junk band together.

Thank you for all of the positive feedback and involvement. We look forward to sharing my learning with you later in the year!

The Dream Factory

We loved our theatre trip on Friday and we have been keen to share our views on the play today.

We have been exploring the characters from the play and questioning their actions – why did they do certain things and what does this tell us about them as characters.

We have been working in groups to record and share our ideas. It’s been great to see such engaged learners today. Well done Class 1.

Sharing our Home Learning Projects

Pupils have been sharing their Home Learning Projects this afternoon. We had a range of different ideas to look at from a video of interviews with family members, to a memory stick of songs and tracks, posters, collages and write ups.

The pupils enjoyed looking at each others’ projects, asking questions and sharing their families musical tastes. It was lovely to see pupils so engaged in their learning and I particularly enjoyed finding out more about their home lives and interests outside of the classroom. I hope I will be able to include more of the music the pupils enjoy as part of this topic!

Thank you to parents for helping with the projects. They will be displayed in school for the rest of the term before being returned home.

Class 1 Musical Afternoon

The rest of the school knew what Class 1 were learning about yesterday afternoon! We were creating quite a bit of noise! We have explored the new instruments bought by the PTFA (a huge thank you for their generosity)!

We explored the difference between percussion instruments and tuned instruments and realised that we can play songs on tuned instruments. Some of us had a go at playing a tune too!

We sorted and grouped instruments into their different types and explained our reasons for this.

My Family Music Project – Home Learning

Add your projects in the leave a comment section if you have something special that you would like to share.

We will be spending Tuesday afternoon sharing our projects with the rest of the class so please don’t forget to bring into school anything that you wish to share.

I am looking forward to sharing your musical interests!