Reading achievement

Class 1 are really proud of Bethany this afternoon in her reading. She started her guided reading sessions feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the amount of text in her reading book. Though preserverence and application of her phonics knowledge she was able to read the whole book and talked to us about what had happened. Well done Bethany we are so proud of your hard work and from you big smil at the end of the story we can see that you are super proud too!

Class 1 Kennings


Today we have been writing Kennings, they are a poem that is like a riddle. Can you guess what our kennings are describing?

Bethany, Callum, Mia and Harry:

A tail wagger,

A path walker,

A cat chaser,

A loud barker,

A bottom licker.


A night walker,

A loud howler,

A meat finder,

A daytime sleeper.

Joe and Freya:

A leaf loser,

A branch grower.

Grace, Jenson, Eva, Annabelle M and Ava:

A big hopper,

A nose twitcher,

A carrot eater,

A hole digger.


A long walker,

A short runner,

A cute hugger,

A fast hugger.


An always pooer,

A messy nester,

A seed eater,

A food pecker.


A blood sucker,

A midnight flyer,

A night squeaker,

A mouse cruncher.

Art experience day

Class 1 have enjoyed our visiting artist experience today. Pupils found the opportunity to explore and discuss a wide range of famous artwork really interesting. We looked carefully at the details of each piece and completed a ‘treasure hunt’ to find a range of objects within the works.
We focussed on Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh as a starting point, thinking about shape and position within a piece of artwork. Helping us to gain perspective in our art will help us with our own Christmas projects later on this term.


Autumn Term Writing Assessment: The Dream Giver

Class 1 have begun to write their Autumn Term assessments.

Year 2 pupils have written the opening part of our story and we are now all busy planning and developing the second half. There is a feeling of calm across school as we listen to ‘dream music’ and wear our pyjamas. What a lovely day!

Year 2 pupils opening to the story:

One dark, quiet night a sudden flash of orange filled the air. With a buzz, the mysterious pixie landed softly beside the shining window. With his long, bendy fingers his hands gripped along the shutters as the window began to creak. The strange creature peeked through the crack and looked at the children. He took his bright, orange bag and the peculiar, shining eggs began to sway and hiss.
The children were fast asleep when the Dream Giver started his work. He opened the egg with a crack and gently poured it into a ballet shoe. Then a tiny ballerina twisted and twirled towards the girl. The Dream Giver went to another boy and broke an egg softly onto a space book. A flash of light flew into the air and filled the sky with twinkly, bright stars. When the pixie cracked his next egg, the music-mad boy started playing his invisible drums.
Suddenly, one of the children shifted in his sleep and one of the shiny eggs rolled off the bed. It landed with a crack on a scary, old book. The pages swished and glowed like the sun as the Dream Giver turned his head to see what was happening…

The Dream Giver

Over the past week, Class 1 have been building up to our writing assessment based around ‘The Dream Giver’. Along with the rest of the school, we have been exploring each of the characters we have met in the first part of the story and then begun to develop our ideas for what might happen next.

Today we hot seated pupils as different characters to find out more and think about the background of each character. We then developed different plot ideas using our small world equipment to see how our characters would respond in each setting. We have used this experience to refine our plot ideas and come up with a final storyline, which we will write tomorrow in our pyjamas!

It’s going to be an exciting day!