Helpful Home Learning!

After a discussion with pupils yesterday afternoon, we thought about how we can make Christmas and the run up to Christmas better for our families (as after all they are working hard to make Christmas amazing for us!)

Pupils came up with lots of different ideas for things that they could do to help their families. It was lovely to hear parents full of praise this morning and grateful for the help that they have received overnight!

How have your children been helpful? We would love to hear all about their good deeds and love they have been sharing!

4 thoughts on “Helpful Home Learning!”

  1. I would like to start our comments section by thanking Ryan and Morgan for tidying and organising our planners ready for spellings this morning.

  2. Grace has been super helpful! Last night she came home, and got changed all by herself and then cleaned her (and daddy’s) shoes. After we had tea she thanked for a delicious tea. At bedtime she helped me get Ava’s clothes ready and bottle made and tidied up her and Ava’s things. This morning she emptied the dishwasher and put her uniform all by herself! Thank you Grace and thank you Mrs Moden!!

  3. Annabelle has just told me about this week’s home learning. She was amazingly helpful last night and packed her own bag for our weekend away. She was well behaved and helpful on our journey too.
    Thank you Mrs Moden for setting a lovely home learning task x

  4. Lewis has been very helpful too! He helped to make his breakfast on Friday, and put some laundry in the washing machine. Today he filled the tumble dryer and has cut up lots of fruit to make his own special Christmas smoothie!

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