Our visit to Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre

Yesterday we had an exciting day at Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre. Although we ended up a little bit soggy, we really enjoyed our day and had a lot of fun.

We learned lots of new skills, including horse riding, how to handle tack correctly, how to drive a carriage and also found out the names of all of the different parts of a horse.

Today we will be writing our own diary entry about our day as we have been looking at diaries and recounts in English over the past week. We are very excited to get writing!

When you see us, ask us lots of questions about the things that we learned – we would love to share our day with you.

Great Fire of London

Today Year 2 pupils have been exploring diary extracts from September 1666. We explored some of th features and discussed unknown words that we needed clarifying. We really enjoyed our new table lay out – we might have to try and use it again!

Year 1 pupils have been using ICT, role play and non fiction texts to gather information and create memorable experiences. They were able to share facts about th fire afterwards. Ask them when you see them!

Year One Maths

Today’s challenge in maths was to find the eleven different ways to make 10, using only two numbers.  Then we had to see if we noticed any patterns in the numbers.

We found all eleven ways and noticed that the cubes made a staircase going up 1 and down  1 each time. Also, we noticed the numbers are commutative, when we turned the cubes around they matched their ‘partner’ number sentence.

NSPCC assembly

Class 1 welcomed the NSPCC in to school today. We learnt about speaking out and staying safe. We talked about how we feel safe and what we can do to speak out at times when we are unhappy, talking about who is a safe person that we can speak to at school and also at home.

Cross curricular learning

This week we are developing our instruction writing ready for our writing assessment. Today we planted seeds by following instructions and then wrote the instructions up. This afternoon we will be making Tudor houses as part of our DT and history learning. We will be using this experience to help us to write a set of instructions in English.

What features might we want to include in our instructions?

Instruction Giving

Today pupils have been giving and following instructions. Mrs Moden gave us some instructions but we weren’t very impressed! We modelled how to give better instructions by adding more details and using time adverbials. Pupils then extended their learning to have a go at recording instructions and tried using numbered steps to help their partner follow the instructions.

Solving problems in Year One

Today we had lots of challenges to solve. We had to check Mrs Whitfield’s work and give her feedback,she made lots of marvellous mistakes!

We also had a pot problem and had  10 cubes. We had to find how many cubes go in the yellow pot, 3 less in the blue pot and one more than the blue in the red pot. Morgan and Ruby solved it first!

We also had cards with 2 digit numbers and had to show how many tens and units were in the number.

London Landmark Making

This week Class 1 have been creating landmarks of London. Pupils chose their own method of creating their landmark, with some opting for construction materials, cutting and using paper craft as well as drawing and researching using the Internet.

Ruby extended her learning at home and created a Lego London. Can you name some of the landmarks she has made?


Visitors to class 1 might have been surprised today to find Mrs Moden making a cup of tea during learning time!

Class 1 gave her instructions on how to make it and we had some pupils recording each step.

We then progressed to sequencing and writing a set of instructions for making a jam sandwich. Year 2 added time adverbials to my sentences to add more detail and create flow.